Do You Need A Working Visa?

You may already know that if you plan to move somewhere other than your home country to find a job that you will need to have a working visa. These are usually temporary, and allow you to try out a job and decide if you want to stay within a country. Once you decide, you can renew your visa and apply to become a citizen. If not, you simply go home and then find a job somewhere else. However, did you know that you may need this type of visa when you are going on vacation?

Two friends of mine recently went to Australia on vacation. They did not have working visas, as they planned to do nothing but vacation while they were there. They went to see a band, and ended up offering to help them sell their CDs at their live shows. They band was flattered that they wanted to help, but they could not allow them to do so because they did not have a work visa. Even if they were not going to be paid, those who oversee such things would have seen it differently. In order to do any type of work, you have to have the working visa no matter what.

Some take a longer vacation and get temporary work while in another country so that they can stay longer. This requires a working visa, even when the main purpose of the visit is for fun and pleasure. Even innocently selling CDs for a band with no payment can cause trouble. If you choose to stay longer and find that you want to work, you have to reapply for a working visa before you attempt to look for employment. You may already find, however, that no one will want to hire you if you don’t have a work visa that you can show them.

If you already know that you may work, but you aren’t sure, apply for a work visa anyway. That means you can take your vacation and relax, and you won’t have to work if you don’t want to, but you could find some employment opportunities if you wish without waiting for the working visa to go through. Probably the last thing you want to go is to get in trouble for being in the wrong spot at the wrong time with the wrong type of visa when traveling. It can cause untold nightmares for you, so make sure you get the right one before you go anywhere out of your own country.