Budget Italy Airplane Tickets

Most of us like to travel. Whether it just be a couple hundred miles in the  car for a weekend getaway, or clear across the globe for a summer in Italy.  Naturally when we venture far from home we must turn to air travel. So the  search begins for low-priced airplane tickets. Sometimes I can’t help but  wonder if there truly is such a thing. Even after scouring the web, I often  come up empty handed. Please tell me this is not just a dilemma exclusive  to me. No offense to the “deal sites,” but sometimes they just don’t come  through.

You have travelocity.com, orbitz.com and cheaptickets.com. I won’t even  try to name them all. The goal of these websites is to provide folks like you  and me with low-priced airplane tickets. Or is it? You know how they tell you  to name your price? Well, that routine just doesn’t seem to work for me. Oh  I name my price alright, but it never lets me purchase airplane tickets for  that desired cost. And I’m not saying that I punch in something ridiculous  like two dollars. I think I put in a fair price, but it’s always been rejected thus  far. Maybe I’ve just chosen the wrong times to look. In all honesty, I’m  surprised that airplane tickets are as high as they are these days. They  were low for a while after 911, but then the shot back up. Considering all  the hassles of flying now, I’d think airlines would cut us a few deals. I’m not  too crazy about that x-ray machine that basically strips you nude. Although I  do see the purpose behind it, I think they should work to come up with an  alternative machine. One that allows us a little dignity when flying.

There are prudent times and bad times to purchase airplane tickets.  Anyone who’s currently scrambling to get spring break airplane tickets just  might as well forget it. Well, that is unless you want to be charged an arm  and a leg. The beaches are already packed and the hotels are booked.  Trust me on this one. Purchasing airplane tickets to these hot spots should  be done far in advance. The same goes for lodging reservations. Then just  maybe one of those “deal sites” will actually have a deal for you.
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