We all like to keep our pets safe when we travel and air travel presents its own set of problems. The best way to overcome these is to have airline approved pet carriers. There is a wide range of products on the market, suitable for dogs, cats and other small animals. Check with the airline you are flying with because the regulations vary. Some airlines will allow you to check your dog in as carry on if the carrier complies with standards. It has to be small enough to fit under the seat in front. Otherwise, the kennel type carriers can be put in the animal hold of the plane.

Pets Alley is a company that supplies the Deluxe Carrier for dogs. Made from nylon with mesh ventilation panels and a safety seat belt strap. This airline approved pet carrier is easy to move around with and has an adjustable shoulder strap. The liner is washable.

The Marchioro Clipper Tortuga is available from Roofrackshop.com and is made from durable plastic. It comes in three different sizes, to transport small dogs, cats and other pets. There is ample ventilation and there are optional extras including a feeding bowl and a water bowl. Wheels can also be added.

Vari Kennel is a carrier for dogs and other animals and is made from a tough plastic shell with a wire mesh door. There are side grills for ventilation and a water bowl can be clipped on to the door. This airline approved pet carrier product comes in seven different sizes, suitable for the smallest breed, such as a Chihuahua up to something of the size of a Bull Mastiff.

Dierenvilla PetCare UK sell the Pet Cargo Dog Carrier range. This product range gives a wide choice of features in airline approved pet carriers. The Pet Cargo 900 has top, side and rear ventilation grills and a sturdy carrying handle. Four castor wheels come free with the carrier. There is a two-sided opening door for convenience and a secure lock. The engravable name plate adds a personal touch. This carrier is also suitable for transportation in cars. There is storage room for food, combs or other accessories.