Itching for a vacation? Give some thought to the many travel business opportunities and have the best of both worlds!

Virtually everyone is keeping close tabs on their expenses and vacation travel may seem to be out of the question. Not so fast! If you love to travel, why not combine business with pleasure? It’s not so impossible as you might think. Almost everyone has a hobby about which they’re passionate, but have never given any thought to turning this into a legitimate business. Perhaps your hobby activities have, so far, been a not for profit pastime. Let’s take a look at a few hobbies which lend themselves admirably to a business venture, opening the door to travel business opportunities, allowing you to write off significant amounts of the cost of your trip.

Here are some hobbies that might easily qualify as a business. Antique collecting, textile arts, cooking, doll collecting, as well as photography, particularly when combined with travel writing pieces are all viable businesses which can turn into travel business opportunities, affording you with tax breaks, income and quenching your thirst for travel, all in one fell swoop.

You’ll first want to investigate how the IRS distinguishes a hobby from a legitimate business. One of the main determinants is whether your main objective is to generate income on a ‘for profit’ basis, or whether you’re just dabbling in order to realize tax savings. Here’s a link that can answer most of those questions:

Once you’ve determined that you qualify for business status, you’re ready to start researching destinations that will be most fruitful for acquiring goods (or compiling information for services which can only be accomplished at your destination), that suit your business objectives best.

For example, let’s say that collecting hand made clothing, jewelry and artisan crafts from South America is your passion. Here in the States, you’ll pay top dollar. A trip to Peru allows you to explore little known markets, buying in local currencies. Upon your return, you can resell these premium products at a profit. This is a fine travel business opportunity. In addition, you get to do all the sightseeing your heart desires!

In the services venue of travel business opportunities, here’s another example: let’s say you’re a writer and amateur photographer. There are destinations all over the world which provide a wealth of opportunities. You’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. For you, Ireland is full of travel business opportunities! Visit the birth place of Dylan Thomas. Explore the village, interview the locals, take in a pub scene. Accompanied by photos, you write a piece to sell to any number of travel magazines, in flight magazines or newspapers. In this case, before turning from hobbyist to pro, you’ll probably want to first sell a few pieces locally in order to establish yourself as a professional before hopping off to Ireland.

Investing in a good travel destination guide is also a smart move, providing leads and food for thought.

Once you’ve chosen your destination, be it domestic or international, get in touch with a good travel agent who specializes in business travel. Such agents can give you lots of good advice, as well as finding affordable travel bargains.

Travel business opportunities are abundant. Have the time of your life as you start your new business!