Your checklist for vacation planning

When you’re planning your vacation, it’s easy to forget the more boring details of your plan when you’re caught up in the excitement of where you’re going. This ten point checklist provides you with an easy cheat sheet to check off before you leave. It can be disconcerting to be on a plane going overseas and suddenly remember one of these important details left undone.

1.Here’s one many people don’t even think of, yet is an essential vacation planning task. Always leave a copy of your itinerary and numbers where you can be reached with a neighbor, preferably one who lives within sight of your home. Should there be a fire, or your home is robbed, you’re immediately in the know.

2.If you’re a parent traveling with a child overseas, get a notarized letter from your spouse that gives you explicit permission to leave the country with your child. Otherwise, you may be stopped and hassled by customs and end up with a big mess to resolve.

3.Check smoke alarms and fire extinguishers for correct operation before you leave. Have a couple of garden hoses hooked up with high-powered spray nozzles attached. Have one at the front and back of your home.

4.Here’s another vacation planning task that’s seldom addressed. Unplug all appliances that won’t be used. You’re avoiding the chance that one of these will short out. Don’t unplug the frig and freezer!

5.While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to clean out the frig. Freeze items as possible.

6.Have the post office hold your mail. If you receive a lot of email, set up your email program’s filing system to automatically direct regular newsletters and such to folders. When you collect your email, you won’t have 500 to sort through. If you subscribe to a newspaper, have a neighbor collect them or just stop the service until you return.

7.Your vacation planning is flawed to the tune of some big bucks you’ll owe if you don’t return library books and videos before leaving. Make sure bills due during vacation time are all paid. Check your calendar and reschedule doctor appointments and lunch dates.

8.If you have pets, either board them, hire a responsible kid or ask your neighbor to feed and water your pets. Same goes for aquariums. Leave any special instructions in a designated spot. The frig is good.

9.Put a timer on lamps in various rooms, as well as porch lights.

10.If you have items at the dry cleaners, pick them up. Try to get all the laundry done to avoid a stinky home when you return. If you’ve got time, put fresh sheets on the bed so you don’t have this bother when you arrive home, ready to go to sleep.

This quick reference pre-fun vacation planning checklist should help ease your mind and really enjoy yourself. You can even delegate portions to older kids! Bon Voyage!

 Here is My Vacation checklist you can use

Address book
address of the console in the country you visit
Band-Aids and bandages
beach Clothing
Brush and dentifrice
Calculator – sometime in the mobile phone
Camera & computer memory card adaptor
convenience Sandals
Cream of face of cream of hands of feet/legs
Cream of tanning
Deodorant & perfume
Diary / log book or palm pc
earphones & computer microphone
Electric spoon and set of tea / coffee
evening Clothes
eyeglasses / sunglasses
First aid
fm Broadcast for car radio
Foreign currency for the country you visit
gifts list
Gloves / scarf
Hair dryer
head Slip pillow
heat pills
International credit card
International driving license
journey plan & maps, travel guide & maps
Little locks to the zip suitcase fasteners
Gums and candies
Little towel and soap
money belt
mosquitoes rejecter spray or oil or cream
Mp3 player
Ointment / talc against doormat
Passport Valid
phone card – for international calls
Pills against headache
Plastic bags envelop clothes for laundry
Portable (mobile), cellular phone & charger
Private dressed
reading & playing materials
Light raincoat, jacket
safety pins / Second help – sewing tools
shaving Tool and Cologne
Shoes for convenience walking & spare laced
Soap of shampoo and hair conditioner
spare eyeglasses
speculum & makeup bag
Tool washing / bathing
Voucher – renting car
Voucher for hotel
washing bag