Sea World San Diego is a Great Vacation Spot

California is a beautiful place. The sun is always shining, and there is never a cloud in the sky. It is the perfect spot for a vacation with lots of fun things to do. One of the main attractions is Sea World San Diego. It is an aquatic theme park, with lots of cool animals for all of the kids to enjoy. It is the perfect place for any family vacation and is a definite place to go if you haven’t been.

This destination hot spot has many attractions for any animal lover. If you are brave enough you can even get close enough to an animal to feed it. At Sea World San Diego, a trainer will be by your side as you feed a bottlenose dolphin, a sea lion or even a sting ray. It would be amazing to see such a creature eating out of the palm of your hand. This is an experience to remember forever. If getting up close and feeding an animal isn’t your thing, but getting totally soaked on a hot day is, then be sure to sit front row during a show by Shamu. Shamu is a big orca whale ready to show off and splash all of the guests sitting close to it. Watching the big, gigantic whale soar through the air and crash into the water is a great memory to hang on to.

When you come to this one-of-a-kind place and decide that you don’t want to get wet or up close to an animal, then you can walk through the aquariums and look at all sorts of animals. You can get a great view of sharks, penguins and all sorts of different water creatures. If you want a little more entertainment, then be sure to catch a show. When going to watch a show at Sea World San Diego, make sure you get there early! There are plenty of pre-show antics that will leave everyone in the crowd howling before anything has even begun.

We are lucky to be able to see animals of this magnitude so close so we all should be thankful for it. There is no need to taunt the animals or bang on the glass as they are just as scared of you as you are of them. It is important to treat the facility with respect so the people at Sea World San Diego can keep the public and the animals very happy. If you haven’t yet ventured to this incredible water filled world, plan your trip today.