The great thing about a good theme park is that it appeals to adults, children of all ages and teenagers. The whole family can enjoy itself at Sea World Orlando Florida. The 200-acre site opened its doors in 1973 and it continues to be a hit with visitors. The mix of rides, animals and shows is a winner. Visitors are advised to bring a waterproof camera to capture their family as they have fun in watery surroundings. There are times posted for watching the animals being fed, such as the penguins and visitors can hand feed some animals themselves, such as stingrays, dolphins and sea lions.

There are four major rides, two of which are roller coasters. Journey to Atlantis is a water coaster, based on the mythical underwater city. Wild Arctic is a flight simulator that whisks you away on a helicopter to the North Pole. Kraken is a roller coaster and is based on the sea monster from legendary stories. The Shamu Express is the other thrilling roller coaster at Sea World Orlando Florida.

The park has several shows to keep everyone entertained, involving the animals and trainers. Some of them also involve audience participation. The Believe Show is devoted to the eight Orca Whales that reside at the park. A nighttime version, called Shamu Rocks America, shows off the whale’s tricks and presents some pyrotechnics. Blue Horizons is the acrobatic show for dolphins, False Killer Whales and birds.

The Odyssea show is another acrobatic display, with music and an underwater theme. Pet’s Ahoy is particularly suitable for families with young children at Sea World Orlando Florida.  Cats, dogs, birds, potbellied pigs and rats perform various tricks and stunts. Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island is a show involving otters, sea lions and a walrus in an adventure that brings in the audience.

Shark Encounter is an exciting experience for people who like close encounters. It contains the longest underwater tunnel of its kind in the world, from which to see barracudas, eels and more than 50 sharks. Their habitat is a beautiful and colorful coral reef. If the kids still haven’t run out of energy at Sea World Orlando Florida, there is an adventure playground known as Shamu’s Happy Harbor, with slides and a water maze. The theme park has become a firm landmark and a must see on anyone’s vacation itinerary when they come to Florida.