The maintenance in Morocco is quiet poor and it’s include the hotels. so even when you take 4 stars hotel you will find things that are not working properly. they repair things between general renovation to the next renovation. In between they only extinguishing of fires. so you can find many broken elements, like toilet bowl that moves, loose shelves, windows that they are not closed hermetic, and there is no point to expand. Morocco is poor country. so better focus on the good things that morocco offer. i am telling you that because if you do not expect too much you will not be disappointed.

Talking about hotels in morocco the breakfast  meal in the morning serves a bargaining chip.The truth is that i expected more flexibility in the accommodations price in morocco. but it seems that the maximum of the flexibility is to include a breakfast meal in the price. Also i expected the prices of accommodations in morocco to be lower, I thought that everything will be cheaper in Morocco, but apparently the prices are adapted to the tourists and not to the local  population.
i am saying as a general rule if you want to really enjoy  your stay in morocco. go on minimum of 4 stars hotels but sometimes if you just passing by in town and going to stay from the evening to morning why pay much for a high level hotel that you can’t use their facilities at all. 

So now the question is what preferable, to order hotels accommodations in advance or to arrive at the territory and then search where to sleep. I personally prefer to order  in advance. On the other hand there are unobtrusive hotels on the internet and what you see in the place it’s the real environment. you may order a hotel, in advance and when you get there you don’t really like the environment of the hotel residence. so you need to cancel your reservation and search for another hotel. you know pictures on the internet does not always tell the whole story. if your trip plan is all set and you know for sure every day where you are going to be, i think it is wise to order accommodations in advance. but if you don’t really know exactly where you going to stay every day of the trip so maybe order just for the firs day. i myself like to plan the whole trip in advance. believe me you can save time and money.
i was in north Italy in 2004  i planed everything and it was perfect. it was 12 days and for 3 couples, i knew every day where we going to stay i thing i even got very good prices. in morocco we could not get places that was recommended, all the good places were fully booked. also we had to spend every day few hours to find a good place to meet and satisfy my wife requirements.  
As tourists be prepared to be let say misunderstood. for example we found in the Lonely planet book a nice place in Beni-Mellal in central morocco. when we came we agreed that the price include 2 meals. when we came in the morning to pay the bill, we saw that they added price for dinner we where 4 so it really make a difference. we was upset. we even wanted to call the police. after negotiation we settled with the manager of the hotel to pay 50% of the added cost.

Lonely Planet book i am not sure they update their books. the tips in the internet usually more accurate. despite that the opinions are subjectivist, they reflect sometime the expectations of the people.

to summarize here are some places we stayed in morocco when we were there at april 2007.

Casablanca – windsor hotel 430 Dirham per one room 1 night for couple with a breakfast position quite comfortable, very decent breakfast.

FES, Perla hotel , reasonable hotel 388 Dirhams per night for couple in 1 room.
The chance that you will arrive at the hotel alone is faint. Only if you know the hotel before. In FES there is a good chance that you will be hunted by tourists Hunters they will direct you and try to assist you to find an accommodations in FEZ, I personally found it nice to me  in spite  that using a middlemen might raises the price. or reduce the ability to haggle, in my opinion it worth it.

BENI MELLALAl Bassatine hotel – pretty nice hotel, needs to be careful from gifts that at the end you pay for them dearly. finally it Cost us 500 per night to 1 room for couple with 2 meals when we agreed on 363 Dirhams. 

MarrakechAmalay hotel 430 Dirhams per night for couple. decent hotel but not fancy.

Marrakech  Hotel Meriam **** Hotel   1352 Dirhams per night for suite of 4 persons includes good breakfast. the regular price per room for couple is 860 Dirhams the  hotel fairly well our stay there for 3 nights, in the weekend.
EL JADIDAHotel Royal  ***  390 per night 4 person 1 big room – El Jadida is south of Casablanca on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

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