I have always loved luxury hotels and resorts. I have to admit that I like being pampered. At luxury resorts, you get the best treatment. It isn’t so much about the amenities. True, you will have a more comfortable bed, the benefit of excellent room service, an on sites spa, a masseuse, and dozens of other little perks. Still, for me it is the feeling of being treated especially well by the hotel staff. It makes me feel that I am special and important, something that I should feel. After all, I did not get to be one of the heads of industry by being lazy. I got here through talent, skill, and my heritage. My parents taught me good values, and provided sage advice and a generous chunk of inheritance.

Choosing luxury hotels can be very difficult. It is not all about the price, although many people think it is. This is how some second string so-called luxury resorts trick you. They work on the assumptions that people make that just because a luxury resort is expensive means that it is high quality. This is not always the case. Don’t get me wrong – cheap luxury hotels are only cheap by luxury standards. Nevertheless, sometimes the best hotels are not the most expensive ones.

There is no magical tricks to selecting the best luxury hotels. Of course, it helps to have friends who stay in luxurious resorts. They will be able to give you advice from their own trips. Nonetheless, a lot of the time – particularly if you travel a lot – you have to do the research yourself. The only tip that I can give you on this is to get as much information as possible. The more you know, the more likely you are to make the right decision on luxury hotels.

Are there any reviews available? Are they written by travel agencies or by private individuals who visited these 4 star hotels? A good travel website can help you, but you can not trust all of them. Some of them are simply there to sell you their own products, and will play up the virtue of all the hotels. Generally, as a rule of thumb, if there isn’t at least one mediocre or bad review on the site, you probably can’t trust it. After all, not all hotels luxury are going to be good. Only trust a site that is willing to tell you what the bad ones are.