Why You Need Luggage Locks

When you travel around the world, you have a lot to think about. However, there are some things that are more important than others, but they may not seem like a huge deal. You want to have your visa and passport in order, of course, but that may not be something you forget. You can’t get out of your country and into another without them. You don’t have to have luggage locks on your stuff, but that may be just as important as anything else that you do when planning to go across the country or to the other side of the world.

Though luggage locks may be something you already have if you are not sure about the staying power of the latches on your old luggage, some people with newer sets with very secure latches don’t think twice. They assume if their bags do not fall open, they are safe and have nothing to worry about. That is simply not the case. Some don’t think about having luggage locks on the bags and other accessories that they plan to carry on, but that can be an even bigger mistake. There is a reason why the airport asks if you have packed your own things or if you have left those things alone at any time.

Terrorism is just one reason why luggage locks on anything that you carry are good ideas. You don’t want someone stuffing something into your bag when you are not looking that could get you into trouble. Some may do this to get weapons of all types on board, and they would then just take your bag on the plane to retrieve them. That is not something that happens a lot, but it could. Someone could slip a small bomb inside, and that would be all that would be needed to bring your plane down. Luggage locks stop those things from happening.

Another problem that is not something you may think about would be someone putting drugs into your bag. This happens with international travel, and no one is safe unless they have locks on luggage when they go anywhere. Some will put drugs in dozens and dozens of bags. They realize some will get caught, but some will make it through. Even worse, you may not be able to convince foreign authorities that you are not the one bringing in the drugs. If you have luggage locks, this will be something that you won’t have to worry about. Keep them locked and with you, and you should be safe from these things.