For many people, last minute travel just isn’t possible. We have work schedules that cannot be altered at the last moment and responsibilities that simply cannot be pushed aside without proper preparations. However, for some people, having the flexibility to enjoy last minute travel can be a great indulgence for some wonderful prices. It has been proven time and time again that purchasing last minute travel packages can be a much better financial deal than precariously planning for months ahead of time.

Everyone is familiar with the travel sites such as Travelocity or Expedia, but they aren’t the only options for finding some last minute travel bargains. Sure, those sites can hook you up with some great packages, but visiting a destination’s individual sites can be of great benefit as well. For example, finding a getaway to an all-inclusive resort, such as Sandals, cannot be purchased and found on the common sites. However, calling directly to the resorts can result in some amazing last minute travel deals. There have been travelers who have purchased great packages for 75% off of the prices that some people have paid who booked almost a year in advance.

How is this possible? Well, it is rather simple. Most resorts would much rather have a room filled by someone, even for a discounted price, than have the room be empty for several days. It doesn’t always work, but, it doesn’t hurt to ask and it will be to your benefit much more often than not.

If you’re not looking for an all-inclusive package but are simply looking to visit a friend in another city for a weekend, you might find some great deals on last minute travel on the travel sites. However, once again, contacting the hotels directly may allow you to take advantage of any last minute deals that are currently offering. The travel sites that you find just may not find those exclusive deals.

However, those travel sites that we all know and love are used every single day and great deals are constantly obtained. You can sometimes read reviews by previous travelers who have stayed in the same hotels. You can purchase insurance and have the backing of some of those travel sites should something go wrong or your travel plans go awry. No matter what your method of achieving the best deals happen to be for last minute travel, having some flexibility will save you quite a bit of money. There are days of the week that travel is less expensive. Certain weeks or times of the year are less expensive as well. Being able to simply pack up and head to the airport for some last minute travel is not only a luxury that many people wish that they had, it can also be an incredibly smart way to travel. The deals that you just may be able to obtain could be better than someone who booked their plans a year in advance.

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