The opportunity to see some of the best scenery in the world, unable to be accessed by car, is one of the reasons for going on a horseback riding vacation. Riders get to see fascinating, out of the way places and they also stay fit. There are many companies that specialize in these types of holidays.

It’s important to be honest about one’s riding ability and to select an appropriate trip. Different terrain will be suitable for the novice, intermediate or advanced rider. Experienced staff will recommend the right destination and the best kind of horse. Some companies organise training for riders to improve their skills and to assess their skill level.

A basic knowledge of riding, particularly in cross country, is required and a reasonable amount of stamina. The same criteria must be applied to children when families go on a horseback riding vacation. Groups of riders can be accommodated and corporate trips are popular. The rider should say if he or she is used to riding English Saddle style or Western Tack.

Destinations are selected across the continents and trips are organized in North, Central and South America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. All these locations offer different terrain, culture and traditions in horses. Monument Valley, across Utah and Arizona, is a popular place in America for riding. The landscape is very familiar to fans of westerns and there are wide open spaces. The state of Wyoming is also a traditional setting for a horseback riding vacation. Another favorite is along the St.Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada.

Riding trails can also be found in Mexico and riders can stay in comfortable haciendas. South America has a strong tradition in horse breeding and ranching is still a thriving activity. In Argentina, there may be an opportunity to play polo and riders also go up in to the mountains of Ecuador, where old colonial lodgings are available. The horse is still a common means of transport in Uruguay and riders in Peru can see the remains of the Inca Empire and the legacy of the Spanish conquerors.

Europe has many riding trails and beautiful horses too. France and Italy both have lovely countryside and good food and wine. French chateaus can be visited on horseback, as in medieval times. Spain has a long tradition of breeding superior horses and Portugal is well known for its Lusitano horses. For a really adventurous horseback riding vacation, some companies organise tourist riders to participate in cattle drives. Riders can live like the cowboys do in Wyoming, Utah or Arizona or join the gauchos in Argentina.