It’s good to have a company that consumers can trust and one that manufactures quality goods for the home. One such enterprise is the American founded Hamilton Beach Company. It has built its reputation on its electrical appliances and other goods. In fact, a fully equipped kitchen can turn to its product range for almost all of its needs. One of the earliest products came onto the market in 1911, a milk shake maker that found its way into countless drug stores across America.

Cooking, blending and mixing can all be done at ease with Hamilton Beach appliances.  Espresso coffee makers, kettles, juice extractors, toasters and waffle bakers make breakfast time a treat. The range also includes drink mixers, stand mixers, blenders and iced tea makers. These items come in a selection of six different colors, including metal, soft yellow and deep red.

Quick snacks and meals can be cooked in Hamilton Beach microwave ovens and there are conventional ovens, roaster ovens and deep fryers available. Slow cookers are convenient for people going out to work. They can prepare a meal to simmer whilst they are out and return to the aroma of a cooked meal.

Skillets and griddles are ideal for fried food and pancakes and rice cookers have become very popular, achieving perfect rice every time. The range also includes indoor grills, a great way of grilling without depending on good weather. Water dispensers, pan sets, cutlery and bakeware items are also for sale.

Odors in the kitchen and elsewhere in the house can be a problem. Hamilton Beach has the answer with its line in air purifiers. The Febreze TrueAir Odor Eliminators plug in and bring freshness to any room or they can be used in the office. Some purifiers come with night lights and the carbon filter will last for four months. The company also supplies filter replacements.

Doing laundry is another area that Hamilton Beach is involved in. They produce a range of irons with features such as non-stick plates and auto-shut off  facility. The stainless steel irons have a long life and will give years of use. Drying clothes is not always easy if it’s not possible to peg outside or if the weather is unpredictable. The company makes quick drying shelf racks for indoor drying. These save on energy and keep the clothes fresh as they are aired and not kept in damp conditions.