I enjoy playing eighteen holes whenever the opportunity arises and I love to travel to new places, so golf vacations are a favorite pastime of mine. However, coordinating the accommodations, rental car, and tee times on the course of my choice sometimes seemed as difficult as hitting a hole in one. At least that used to be the case, before I discovered the many advantages of booking golf vacations online with companies that specialize in these sorts of excursions.

There are certain features that I look for in a company that arranges these types of getaways. First, I want a price that is all-inclusive, so I am not surprised by any hidden charges when it’s time to sign on the dotted line. I want to know about any taxes and surcharges that will be tacked onto the final cost, and I like to get a rundown on the course fees, including cart rental before I go. Golf vacations should also include guaranteed tee times, and I have found that most travel specialists will handle these details to a “tee”!

I have had a blast touring many parts of the country for my golf vacations, especially the southern states like Texas, Arizona, Florida, and South Carolina. Some of the other destinations that I hope to explore soon include Virginia and Nevada, where I have seen some gorgeous courses featured in travel brochures and websites I’ve perused.

Once I have completed my tour of golf vacations in the continental United States, it will be off to more exotic locations like Mexico and the Caribbean. And how will I get there? On a cruise ship of course! There are cruises that will allow you to play eighteen holes at some of the finest courses in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico, while you enjoy fine accommodations, dining, and entertainment every night. It’s the perfect way to travel!

Golf vacations can vary greatly in the amount of time away — from quick overnight jaunts to long, leisurely treks that include plenty of entertainment off the links. Accommodations can mean anything from a luxury hotel room to a four-bedroom condo, depending on my preferences and my budget. The great variety in golf vacations allows me to enjoy these trips as often as I can fit them into my schedule and budget.

Retirement may be all about spending leisurely days on the greens, but there is no reason why I can’t enjoy a hefty dose of my favorite hobby right now. By booking my golf vacations online, I can enjoy eighteen holes in some of the most beautiful resorts in the world while I perfect my swing for those retirement years. Fore!