Exploring Chinatown In San Francisco.

A lot of people talk about New York Chinatown, but fewer of them know about Chinatown in San Francisco. Although New York has a larger, more elaborate, and more bustling Chinese district, I still think that San Francisco Chinatown is better overall. You see, San Francisco is seen in a way to New York is not. New York City has a type of huge, impressive urban beauty, but it Can be a little bit cold and overwhelming. San Francisco, on the other hand, is a city with something to offer everyone. It has all the conveniences of a large, modern city, but in a friendlier package. The high hills, the comfortable water, the ocean winds and the fog rolling in the evening all contribute to a scene that is truly out of this world.

This means that, if you are exploring Chinatown in San Francisco, you get opportunities that you don’t have anywhere else. Not only do you get to Experience great Chinese cooking and excellent shopping, but you get to see the beauty and majesty of one of the most gorgeous cities in the world. Climbing the high hill on Grant Street, you inevitably run into breathtaking scenic vistas showing a surreal beauty that is just simply out of this world. On the walking tour of Chinatown that we took, almost everyone was completely overwhelmed.

Of course, there is more to it than simply marveling at the scenery. Everyone has a favorite Chinatown store in San Francisco, and by the time you have explored for a while, you will too. Most of these tourist shops have a lot of the same souvenirs and decorations that Chinatown stores have everywhere, but there are a little more of them. When you explore Chinatown in San Francisco, you really get to see how much Chinese culture has influenced California. There is a blending of cheap, plastic imports from China with the craft of a Chinese-American culture that has deep roots in the San Francisco area. The food combines the best of traditional Chinese cuisine and California cooking to come up with a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. The people move in a more relaxed way and talk with a mellower tone then the bustling New Yorkers most people are more familiar with. All in all, there is nothing more quintessentially Californian than Chinatown in San Francisco