When I was a teenager I wrote a book with a friend of mine. The book won’t win any awards, and I doubt I would be brave enough to show it to anyone. It was written by two teenagers hopped up on hormones, and though I wouldn’t say it was naughty or anything, it would be rather embarrassing for anyone to read it now. Though many of the things in that book are silly to me now, there is one theme that I am still interested in. In our story we stayed in beach house rentals, and I still think there is something relaxing about that type of place. I have yet to stay in one, but I will one day.

It might be hard to find the beach house rentals that you want, but you may have to take what you can get. Some of them are not situated on the beach, but might be a few minutes away. If you want beach house rentals that are truly right off the beach, you had better be prepared to pay for that privilege. If you want to save, you can get something that might be a block or two away, but still is very close, and will still be great fun.

What you pay for beach house rentals might also depend on where you want to go. There are some places that are more expensive than others. Some places that are not known for their beaches might even end up being the most expensive. If you want to go somewhere south, you will find that some have specials on their beach house rentals because they have so many of them, and they want to fill them up. Somewhere up north that has nice beaches, but also has a limited season, might be more expensive because of demand.

There will come a day when I look at beach house rentals for a family vacation. I want something that is right on the beach, and I will be willing to pay for that. I can’t imagine it would be exactly what it was in my mind when I was younger, but there is no harm in looking for what I want. I could probably find beach house rentals that I could afford right now, but they would be off of the beach. That’s not what I want. However, if you really want to go now, and that’s all you can find or all you can afford, you will still have a great stay.